Getting started with Bamboo, RSK MainNet beta.

Bogota – December 4th 2017. We at RSK are pleased to announce the release of our open source MainNet Network, Bamboo, in its Beta version and we are inviting the global community of developers to peer review the source code and be part of the Bug Bounty Program.

RSK brings the flexibility of smart contracts to the Bitcoin Network, the most secure decentralized blockchain in the world. Combining blockchain programmability with the Bitcoin infrastructure will bring endless possibilities to build a more flexible and inclusive financial system that will improve the life of billions of people.

Now that we have smart contract functionality over the Bitcoin Network, we’re writing this post to tell you how to get started with RSK! (If you haven’t started already!)

Bamboo is the result of two years of hard work and we’re opening it to the community in a responsible way to overcome the difficulties that other crypto economies have faced in recent years.

Getting started

RSK platform is fully compatible with other available smart contract solutions and you probably already heard about that. Doesn’t matter if you have or have not tested our technology, as we will open the platform in a staged approach, we set up a pretty straightforward process for those business partners and developers that want to deploy their solutions on the RSK MainNet.

To get started with RSK we invite you to fill in this form (LINK) to whitelist your project. We’ll come back to you in the next 3 (three) business days.

We found the whitelist process to be the responsible and professional mechanism to gradually open our platform. It’ll be only necessary for a few months until the first stage of the Bounty program is finished. We’ll then remove this process and the platform will be wide open.

Bug Bounty Program

Since the inception of the project the security has been a top priority for us.After developing the first open source smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin Network, the company completed two external audit processes and is still focused on performing new audits and security checkpoints.

A Bug bounty program has been released to the global community of developers inviting every blockchain programmer as well as audit companies and partners to be part of it, providing feedback and helping to improve the technology.

Presenting the open source code of the MainNet Network is a major milestone for RSK as it lays the foundations to build a new era of the Internet based on blockchain technology. The Internet of Value puts Blockchain technology at the service of social transformation, creating a more fair and secure financial system.


Welcome to a new era. Welcome to the Internet of Value.