RSK announces the global release of Ginger, the open source Testnet

At #Consensus2017, RSK presented Ginger, the public release of the open source Testnet. This platform adds more functionalities to the Bitcoin network such as smart contracts, greater scalability and a new revenue stream for miners.

The RSK platform is powered by Bitcoin, the most secure distributed network in the world. With Ginger, users will be able to run their smart contracts in a platform that can scale up to 2.000 tx/sec on chain and 20.000 tx/sec off chain, providing the scalability needed for global financial solutions.

The source code is available at RSK invites everyone to collaborate in the repository.

After the Ginger release, the RSK team will keep working on adding new features to the platform. These improvements will focus on the company’s vision of bringing the unbanked to the financial system, changing government through liquid democracies and building the Internet of Things. RSK values and expects the feedback of the community. A collaboration between the users and the RSK development team will definitely make great improvements to the platform.

RSK Labs ​is the company behind the Project codenamed RootStock, a smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to the Bitcoin Blockchain. RSK founders have been actively involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem and smart contract development since early 2013. The company was founded in 2015 and its initial white paper was later published on December 2015.

RSK invites everyone to download the source code and collaborate in the repository. Sign in at, thank you for your support!

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