“We’ll change the world with Blockchain technologies”

George Levy, Chief Learning Officer and “Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies” certified trainer at Blockchain Institute of Technology (BIT), a co-founder of Bitsonline and well known speaker, shared with RSK Media his vision about Blockchain, its potential to impact the world, and the role of education for the technology to go mainstream..

RSK Media: How can you be so sure that blockchain technologies will make positive impact in our world?

GL: Blockchain is a revolutionary technology with its own laws. It’s ruled by numbers and cryptography and that’s fascinating in a world where everything can be altered so easily. Blockchain tech also brings the possibility of transferring value in a secure way through the Internet with no intermediaries. This simple and complex concept will create a revolution. I’m confident it will change the world because there are so many ambitious projects using this technology as part of their foundations. For example, Patrick Byrne, CEO at Overstock – a North American retailer sales chain -told me in an interview that his current mission is to pull the world into this digital economy as he believes that democratic access to open financial networks will give to millions of people the opportunity to be pulled out of poverty. I’m confident that if we use the technology in the correct way, the world will be a better place for all of us.

RSK Media: What’s your role in this revolution?

GL: My mission is to spread the word and make the global impact of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies grow, through public talks, videos, courses and my participation at the BIT. I see a huge opportunity and have taken on the responsibility to lead by sharing all of the possible usages of this technology to the general public.

RSK Media: What are you biggest challenges as a teacher and educator?

GL: The biggest challenge I see today is that the technology is new. Also,one should introduce the vision to the audience in a different way that has traditionally been done. My challenge as a teacher is finding the best way to introduce a solid-enough alternative vision, so the subject can be explored by the student.

RSK Media: How did you start in the education industry?

GL: I have always been an educator. M focus used to be digital marketing through marketing content. The goal was, and still is, adding value to people and letting them learn something in the process. I think adding visual elements and letting the student interact with those elements, is key. I currently take the audience on a technology journey in my videos and blockchain courses, to let them understand the infrastructure. That’s probably one of the more complex aspects to assimilate.

RSK Media: What’s the profile of the people most interested in learning about Blockchain and what are they looking for to learn?

GL: There are developers, marketers and business professionals. Some of them want to become experts in various subjects from smart contracts, regulation, software, and even auditing. The common thing is that they want to learn more and more, and start looking for more advanced new courses by the time they finish their introductory training. The students value and see the potential of the technology. I currently have 25,000 students in 50 different countries.

RSK Media : The Blockchain Institute of Technology will start teaching the “Introduction to Blockchain, Bitcoin and RSK” executive course developed by RSK Educate. Why did you choose to include it to your offering?

GL: RSK is one of the main partners because BIT and myself have great confidence in the project. The idea to add the smart contract functionality to the Bitcoin network is absolutely revolutionary and I’m confident RSK will make the Bitcoin network stronger and more scalable.

We share the RSK’s mission of making the life of millions of people a little bit better. In this sense education is key to make the technology massively adopted.


For more information about George Levy: https://georgelevy.com/

For more information about RSK Educate: https://educate.rsk.co/