A couple of weeks ago I had a fantastic experience during the “RSK European Tour”, attending meetups in Warsaw, London and Paris. I had the chance to present RSK and talk about the Internet of Value and our platform’s present and future. The good vibe about the Smart Contracts powered by Bitcoin network was incredible. Almost everyone seemed to agree that this is the path to make blockchain technologies mainstream; this is the way in which the technology the crypto community has been working on for years will enable financial inclusion and new governance models, improving the life of millions.

During the questions slot of one of the meetups, Pawel Kuskowski – CEO of Coinfirm*- asked a question that really got to the heart of what we are doing. He asked: “what can we do as a community to contribute with the development of RSK?”. He came up with a really good point: RSK is not an individual effort, but a collective one that requires from all the community to become a reality. RSK needs miners implementing merge mining, global Federation members, companies testing their smart contracts on RSK…

So, let’s focus on “what can I do as a developer, engineer or tech company to contribute with RSK” . There are several different ways to give us very valuable feedback. First of all, you can download the executable files, source code or start a virtual machine from our image on Amazon and add your own node to the Ginger testnet. Secondly, you can test your smart contracts either on your regtest environment or against our Testnet and let us know about your experience. Finally, you can also comment and contribute to RSK’s source through PRs on our github. Any tech question can be asked on our gitter channel. We are doing our best to reply each of them as soon as possible. We welcome all feedback, everything will contribute to the release of the best possible network!

Last but not least, during November we will be launching our Bounty Program. We will release more details soon, but it will give additional incentives those reporting on security issues and thus helping us strengthen the network.

We are excited by this community effort. In the future we will all probably perceive RSK’s as an incredible collective achievement, where several different players of the ecosystem worked together towards a common goal: use blockchain technologies to build a better world. 

* Coinfirm is a Blockchain AML Platform and member of RSK Federation.